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集成通信系统能为您提供更好的性能、更轻松的维护 和故障排除。


Total Systems Integration


How streamlined can specifying get?

More than you ever thought possible. For every aspect of your critical load requirements, Kohler has engineered the product: EPA-compliant generator sets from 10 to 2800 kW, a full line of automatic transfer switches, customizable paralleling switchgear, and controls that can manage a multitude of power systems applications, along with wireless monitoring and Web-enabled remote PC. Each has been prototype-tested and proven by real-world rigors. So you get everything you need in one place. However, your KOHLER distributors can give you so many more details, it makes sense to call them today.

Naturally, it's about more than products.

Naturally. Which is why Kohler is also all about the power of thought. We think about the challenges you face right now and make equipment to overcome them. At the same time, we keep in mind the realities of the future, including ever-evolving environmental regulations. We're ahead of the curve on environmentally conscious systems. So when we engineer EPA-compliant generators, you can be sure they meet all federal requirements without the need for expensive upgrades. Kohler stays with you all the way.