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Best on the Water

KOHLER marine Marine Power

The Power to be at Home on the Water

Nobody makes you feel more at home on the water, anywhere in the world, than Kohler Power Systems. Kohler, the name synonymous with gracious living for more than 125 years, is one of the most recognized names in marine generator power. Kohler has built an 80-year reputation of quality, reliability and innovative technology in the generator business, and we're not about to stop now. Improved sound shields and a new Advanced Digital Control (ADC) further demonstrate our dedication to excellence and forward thinking. Our clean and reliable power also offers significantly quieter operation and easy-to-read monitoring capabilities, both nonexistent features until now.

Kohler Power Systems is more than your complete marine power generator source; it is a source of inspiration to get out on the water knowing you'll feel comfortable enough to want to stay there.

The Comfort of Complete Control

Kohler has developed a way to harness power so it works even better for you. Smart and sophisticated, the new KOHLER® Advanced Digital Control (ADC) gives you the reassurance of controlling operation and relaying vital information to its seven-segment display and to an optional remote gauge. Featuring password secure access, it continually monitors and diagnoses 13 different fault conditions, displaying readings on kW, battery voltage, oil pressure, engine hours, run conditions and system fault conditions. Relax with the knowledge that Kohler provides you with the comfort of complete control.

Marine Generator Features
  • CE certified
  • CARB & EPA emission compliant
  • Voltage adjustable
  • 50/60 Hz frequency adjustable
  • Heat exchanger cooled
  • Class H insulation

It's What You Don't Hear That Matters

KOHLER marine generators now feature improved sound shields and new, quieter engines. The enhanced KOHLERsound shield design utilizes loaded vinyl barrier foam, acoustically superior to standard foam in absorbing sound energy. Plus, a new quarter-turn fastener and pin roof allow the boat owner ready-access for regular maintenance. We also relocated the battery, fuel, remote start, exhaust, and seawater connection points to a very accessible, lower rear rail location. Finally, because KOHLER generators have fewer pieces and drop-over assembly, they are much easier, and take far less time, to install.

Go Where You Want To Go. Kohler will meet you.

Every Kohler Generator comes with a comprehensive warranty supported by a network of more than 500 marine dealers and distributors around the globe. Choose your port of call - from North and South America and Europe to Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific; you won't be far from original Kohler parts and expert 24/7 service.