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3APU 动画

了解科勒 3APU 如何在不空转的情况下更好地为司机的采暖、空调和其他舒适性需求提供电力。


Mobile Paralleling Accessory

Mobile Paralleling Accessory

The all-new Mobile Paralleling Box lets you parallel differently sized KOHLER mobile generators to meet job requirements. Each box can parallel two generators with the Decision Maker 3500 controller - and the system supports up to four boxes and eight generators.

Plus, the Mobile Paralleling Box eliminates the need to size circuit breakers to specific generator output or invest in motorized breakers on generators that may never be used in a parallel application.

  • Use smaller generators to replace a larger generator
  • Provide redundancy to a primary generator in support of critical loads
  • Meet system capacity demands when one generator is inadequate
  • Manage generators by sequencing on or off in a predetermined order based on system load requirements